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Global Reach Local Knowledge

Horton International is large enough to help clients meet their global recruiting needs, and small enough to offer intimate knowledge of discrete geographies.

Our strength is in managing multi-country and global searches efficiently and effectively, as well as an ability to render helpful and objective intelligence around the world.  We understand the challenges and dynamics of managing an enterprise across borders because we do so on a daily basis.  Our global presence assures that all client assignments benefit from an understanding of local languages, customs and cultures.

Our consultants are highly capable within the respective geographies and industries they serve. Because of our global approach, Horton International's extremely high success rate provides the organizations we serve with the confidence to trust us with the most sensitive and complex recruiting challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Horton International only conduct international search assignments?
No. Each Horton International office is an expert in its respective geography and can provide you with both domestic and international search services.

What is different about international and cross-border assignments? 
Effective cross-border sourcing requires consultants who speak local languages and understand the cultures of all countries involved. With offices throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific, and with 25 years of experience completing cross-border searches, Horton International can help you find both local nationals and expatriate candidates to successfully fill cross-border positions.