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The world is changing faster than ever before. Digitization, new markets, whole new business models which create both challenges and opportunities. So how can you keep your company agile, competitive and future ready? The answer is to find the very best people. And how does Horton International find the right people for your business?

Technology is at the forefront for us and is vital in enabling us to extend and improve the reach of Horton International. Our dedicated global intranet and IT systems, supported by cloud computing devices, allow us to manage our multi-country and global searches efficiently and effectively. In addition to cutting edge artificial intelligence tools, we regard personal connections as our core value: our contacts and relationships to candidates all over the world. So our search process encompasses research and data mining, but especially referrals and direct contacts. Why? Because we regard ourselves as relationship builders and sometimes the right person is not someone one might find on the web, but someone you or someone in your network know well personally and who’s qualifications lie beyond the data one sees in a CV. Apart from that, high-quality screening and evaluation processes, combined with the experience and judgment of our consultants, are the safeguards that protect confidentiality and yield the most successful candidates for you. 

All that is driven by our performance first philosophy: The overall success of our client organisation and of the candidate is always our top priority. We think like entrepreneurs and we act like entrepreneurs. To help you to achieve your goals. Always.

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Your success is our number one priority, and we put all our expertise, passion and experience into reaching your objectives. We call this line of thinking: Performance first. This is why clients engage Horton International - to identify highly qualified candidates for specific roles in a wide range of disciplines and industries. Why is that more important now than ever?

Thanks to our executive search strategy our customers gain decisive advantages. Here are just some of the benefits our clients experience:

  • Extensive research leads to a dense array of candidates
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality
  • A dedicated search team that thinks entrepreneurially enables you to make successful hiring decisions – without diverting focus from your core responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retained search?

In the context of recruiting, a retained search is comparable to choosing a business advisor to resolve a performance issue or deliver a particular solution. Organisations in a wide range of sectors retain Horton International to identify highly qualified candidates for specific senior-level positions. Our retained search service guarantees the quality and performance of a candidate.

What is a contingency search?

In a contingency search, a recruiting firm is typically used to fill an entry- to mid-level position. The firm is paid only if and when they provide a candidate who fills a position. For this reason, contingency firms tend to quickly provide numerous resumes for a given position. While contingency searches can yield appropriate candidates, the results are unpredictable and inconsistent.

How does a retained search work?

Horton International identifies prospective candidates using a proprietary methodology that has proven successful across industries and markets. We personally contact each identified candidate in confidence to determine their interest in, and qualifications for, a particular position. Most candidates view these exchanges as constructive and useful dialogues, which builds interest and commitment as the assignment progresses. We then work closely with our clients and prospective candidates to ensure that the desired end result is achieved.

Why use retained search?

Proactive Approach

We undertake extensive research to provide an array of highly qualified candidates. Moreover, we access a universe of talent that is not actively seeking new positions-which is not accessible via conventional recruiting methods.


Since our fee is not contingent upon the hiring of a specific individual, we provide objective, unbiased advice on both internal and external candidates


By providing only the most qualified candidates, and by offering informed assessments of those candidates, we ensure that your time and attention are not diverted from other responsibilities.

Does Horton International only do a retained search?

While our primary expertise is retained search, we also offer a wide range of consulting services, including:

  • Organisational Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Merger and Acquisition Support (due diligence, integration/assimilation)
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Executive Selection and Development
  • Coaching to enhance individual effectiveness
  • Compensation
  • Management Training and Development

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