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Multi-Country Searches

To succeed in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment, companies need to keep an eye on market developments and be open to new solutions where they might find competence and their employees of tomorrow.

Just searching in your current country and industry is in many cases not enough, you may need to expand the search to neighbouring countries/regions or even search for expertise globally.

Each assignment will have different key characteristics we need to manoeuvre between, and the company culture is specific for each individual case. Therefore, we have over the years established and continuously developed a selection of  ‘best in class’ processes how to conduct multi-country searches in the most efficient way, which enable us to consistently deliver results for our clients.

To ensure the effectiveness of multi-country and international search assignments, Horton International leverages the strength of its global network. Our in-depth relationship with colleagues across the globe is a crucial advantage we have in conducting these assignments in an efficient and professional way.

Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a Lead Consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client, and is involved until its successful completion. Typically, a project team comprises consultants from countries where the search is being conducted and who understand both the local and global context in which the search will take place. Consultants with specific industry expertise are also involved.


Researchers and Consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organisation.


Following extensive consultation with the client about needs, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its business goals, culture as well as the specific requirements for the appointment. The reasons why the job is attractive are also carefully analysed.

A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed with the client, based on the experience and creativity of the consultant. This is a critical step because it defines the direction of the search.

Horton International Researchers in local markets around the world conduct background analysis to support the search. By using Horton International’s network structure, we quickly gain additional insight and perspective to fast-changing markets and candidate wants and needs.

After a successful candidate, has been appointed and begun their assignment, Horton International maintains an ongoing dialogue with both the candidate and the client to ensure a smooth integration into the organisation and, at the same time, strive to achieving the best possible performance.