Horton International  Horton International  40 years

Management Consulting

Through ongoing research conducted in support of our core functions, Horton International has cultivated a wealth of intelligence about numerous industries and markets. 

Our clients can leverage this knowledge base to identify merger and acquisition targets, find strategic partners, select distributors and acquire agents.  We can also provide you with background information on key executives, furnish competitive data, perform benchmarking and offer market-specific compensation advice.  

Human Capital Management

Horton International helps organisations develop optimal structures and processes for capitalising on emerging opportunities and challenges.  We evaluate the composition of boards and management teams, and recommend individual and group development plans for achieving long-term business objectives.  Horton International also assists organisations with managing talent, both on a corporate and individual basis.  We provide strategic human resources and organisational consulting services and can help you select appropriate psychometric tools for assessing candidates and evaluating teams.

Our guiding principle ”People who share beliefs and values, create top-performing teams and organisations”

Career Coaching and Change Management

We offer managers and highly qualified specialists careers consultancy and coaching during phases of professional reorientation or change processes. To ensure that career changes are managed positively, good market knowledge and insights into human nature are just as important as extensive experience and a strategic approach. We make good use of our many years of expertise in the industry and the consultancy sector to ensure the success of people and companies of all sizes and in all types of industry. We support our clients when it comes to important decisions for personal and professional development. At the point where many consultancies are already calling it a day, we are just getting started with our efforts to ensure your success!