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Andreas“Imagine … two rope teams. Why does one team succeed in reaching the summit together, whereas the other group of mountaineers fails? Of course, there is chance and there is pure luck. But there are decisive factors that you can influence. At Horton International, we believe there are many similarities between the world of mountaineering - and the world of business. And the success factors that rule both. We believe, that performance is based on the people you hire and who form your team, no matter if you are aiming for a mountain top or climbing the heights of business. We would like to explain why, and how we as a company want to help you strengthen your organisation’s success.”

Andreas Wartenberg, Chairman Germany

"We believe that attitude has a huge impact on success.  At Horton International, we work according to what we call a Performance first philosophy. Which means that we put all our expertise and passion into reaching our clients objectives. We think like entrepreneurs, because this is truly what we are and because this is what most of our clients are. Their success is ours. This is especially important when we talk about Executive Search.” Olli Oitinen, Regional Director Finland

"We think that Sector Expertise makes the difference. If you know the specifics of the business, you can find candidates who match what the client seeks. Sector expertise is something we take pride in, and we believe it is a powerful factor for success.” Gary Woollacott, Regional Director Thailand  

"At Horton International, we use a wide range of tools as part of our Management Consulting services, to help our clients drive growth and value creation by building high performance teams. Our services help clients deliver on winning strategies through the creation of a culture of excellence.Maneesh Ajmani, Regional Director Bahrain

Credits: Photo: Kasuma F. Gruber/unsplash

Our consultants are highly capable within the respective geographies and industries they serve