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Is mankind being displaced by ever more intelligent and better networked robots? Countless jobs are eliminated, yet at the same time new ones come into being. Employers in Germany see more opportunities than risks.

Nov 08 2016

In-House Recruitment

This month’s column came out of a presentation I gave to my partners at our annual global meeting held earlier this year in Vientiane. I had been asked to discuss in-house recruitment (IHR), and how we could combat it.

Sep 29 2016

Caveat Emptor

A colleague and I were meeting a senior candidate the other day and during the conversation we asked him how he was enjoying his current company – he had been there for four years.

Sep 01 2016

For a Ha'porth of Tar

Why, when we've found the perfect candidate does the client then want to carry on looking for more?

Jul 25 2016

Client Care

We talk a lot about being a trusted advisor – plenty of seminar topics and conversations at global and regional meetings. But how often do we achieve it?

Everyone wants to digitize, but where are the digital managers?

In the future, many management tasks will be taken over by algorithms; the organization of enterprises and also the profile of the executives will be strongly influenced by digitization.

Jun 28 2016

Send in the Clowns

Prepare to hear of incompetence and ineptitude on a scale that I’ve rarely seen in nearly thirty years of working.

Jun 02 2016

Mission Impossible

A few search assignments across our region recently have gone slightly awry and I've been asking myself, why?

May 10 2016

On Reading

Normally I tackle a subject that is related to human resources; this month I’m taking a slightly different tack.

Before you get worked up about my elitist headline, please read on – you might be pleasantly surprised.

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