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Sep 24 2018

Sucession Planning

This month we are looking at succession planning and building a talent pipeline.

Aug 30 2018

Client Conundrums

Everything seemed to be falling into place, apart from one client, there seemed to be so much back-and-forth about small stuff...

Is there any difference between the current situation of small-to-medium family owned businesses in Italy, with its long tradition of entrepreneurship, compared to Czech companies?

Jul 24 2018

Headhunter 4.0

Technology has changed the work of recruiters, but – when it comes to executive search – other factors make the difference.

These days, good enough is not good enough. If your organisation has that attitude then it is probably doomed to disappear

Jun 21 2018

Data Protection

It seems to me that there are increasing questions being asked about social media...

Project Management is often the source of new activities that will generate a new line of business allowing the company to “project” itself toward the future. It appears that there is value in seeing this as a professional career pathway...

Paying the necessary attention and effort to the selection process of any candidate is an excellent investment of resources...

Many companies have added diversity clauses to their compliance statements and recruitment policies already a long time ago.

Established in 2003 and led by Managing Partners Sandor Szekely and Erika Gombos, the Performan Group provides executive search and leadership consulting services across a number of sectors

The labor market is generally undergoing change by new forms of work, increased tech- nology use and internationalization.

Dec 29 2017

Lost in Translation?

Who has never dreamed about a pill or a wire that would make all the necessary information just be absorbed by the brain?

Companies are under immense pressure to shift their existing business into the digital age and to develop and launch parallel new models

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