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Jan 13 2021

Podcast - Making 2021 work for you.. Putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others!

How we can plan to make 2021 a year that works for us all as individuals.


I recently recorded this conversation with Ghilaine Chan. We were thinking about how we can make 2021 work for us.

Reflecting on how we have coped in recent months, our chat focuses on what we have learnt, finding our balance in a context of uncertainty and realising that we support others better when we have a stronger sense of our own resilience.

You can listen to our conversation here: Making 2021 work for you




Our key points:


Talk about what works for you and supports your resilience.

Share your personal successful coping strategies and those you should now leave behind.

Recognise the balance of work and life is still shifting and consider Dynamic Poise.

#Dynamic Poise is making constant minor adjustments to keep our balance, rolling with the latest changes.

We have come to recognise nothing has to be set in stone and more people are talking more about how they want to work and that is making a difference.

Many leaders are checking in with their staff – finding out what works for different people and importantly giving people the confidence and the space to say what they need.

If you need to make changes, share what works for you as your starting point in negotiation.

Our levels of confidence have shifted. Some people may want reassurance it’s OK to ask for support, say what help they need, and be listened to.

Celebrate the good stuff and be proud of our achievements.


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