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Financial Services 


The financial services industry has been experiencing a significant transformation in recent times. Digital disruption, an uncertain global economic environment and increased regulations make it essential for organisations to look beyond technical and operating expertise towards creativity to problem solving and leadership competencies that can help identify emerging trends and drive future growth. We work with our clients to identify, assess, develop and retain such talent.
Our team consists of consultants who have a combination of industry, consulting and search experience helping us understand issues that are important to our clients and deliver competent C-Suite and functional talent.
Our broad product knowledge, global presence and a team with relevant expertise and knowledge enables us to provide our clients with high-impact leadership teams. With over 50 offices around the world, we are present in all key markets that are important for our clients.

Our Experts

Maneesh Ajmani

Managing Partner
Tel. +97142460222

Dr. Deependra (Dipy) Nigam

Managing Partner
Tel. +91 22 40822300

Joshua Hollander

Regional Director
Tel. +1 860 521 0101
United States