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Fashion & Lifestyle

In consumer goods the sustainability trend is still going strong; it remains both the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for fashion, cosmetics and luxury brands.  In fashion, it entails everything from materials to value chains to inclusive business cultures in companies.  But it is not the only trend we are seeing.  While most clothes, for example, are still bought in brick and mortar stores, the proportion bought online is growing strongly – significantly, companies want and need to be accessible and convenient to their customers’ changing buying patterns.  The customer experience is ‘top of mind’ of most of Horton International’s branded goods clients.

In their marketing these branded goods companies see the importance of influencers and next-level social media.  As far as markets go, expectations in Asia - not only in China - were still high in 2019, but many recent threats to overall growth, and unexpected matters affecting the global economy (for example Coronavirus), have and will affect where growth happens.

At Horton International, we work on Executive Search assignments covering manufacturing of branded / other consumer goods, as well as retail.  Our expertise is strong with global players as well as with smaller, local brands with their unique brand identities.  The need constantly to keep thrilling, exciting and surprising the customer with new products and services, while at the same time boosting efficiency, places demands on transformation leaders, digitalisation experts and customer journey designers.  

These are some of the examples where Horton can help you.