Executive Search Practice Areas

Transport and Transformational Technologies

Practice lead: Charles Taylor

Since our inception, we have worked widely in the transport sector, both in terms of the range of clients we provide services to and the geographical scope of the work we undertake which extends from Europe to the Americas and to Australasia.

Our experience in the sector has allowed us to work with constructors, manufacturers and operating companies as well as governmental and quasi-governmental bodies involved in the strategic development, oversight and operation of transport systems.

The relatively recent, rapid development of railways, together with other forms of mass transit systems, in an era where digital technology is playing an ever more important role, is leading to the awareness that the provision of a transport system is no longer a question of “transport” but the provision of a necessary service. The concept of the “intelligent journey” is of fundamental importance for the future of the 21st century travelling public.

In this technology aware arena, Horton provides high-level, research based recruitment, mid-level specialist recruitment services and advisory and consultancy service to companies which span the globe.

Global Healthcare

Practice lead: Paul Edwards

For almost 25 years we have been the trusted recruitment partner to many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, working across all functions including R&D, Commercial, Operations, Regulatory and Quality. The reason why these global organisations turn to Horton International when looking to attract the best people, is quite straightforward. They know that we understand the industry and talk the same language as the candidates, they appreciate the way we communicate and respect timelines, but most of all they know we will search across the globe to identify and attract the very best talent.  

Consumer and Digital

Practice lead: Charles Taylor

Recruitment of the perfect person is very personal. So many things can be achieved online successfully, however, when it comes to finding the right person, we think that the process still requires conversations, expertise and, above all, experience. We believe recruitment is about ‘value and outcome’ and this is what drives us.

It matters very little if you work for a FTSE 500 or the most talked about start-up – our reputation is important to us and we will help you find the right technical, specialist and/or commercial talent to build, grow or expand your digital consumer strategy, with the flexibility you require.

If you are recruiting for the following areas we should have a conversation:

Consumer Goods, Brands, Consumer Services, Analytics,  Creative, Digital Marketing & Social, Conversion, eCommerce, Digital Strategy, Architecture, Development & Engineering, Sales, Business Development & Account Management