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Jan 09 2019

Regulation Gone Mad

This month I'm going to update the ongoing saga of registering our change of address with the tax authority.

Dec 03 2018

A New Chapter

Horton Thailand has a new home.

Sep 24 2018

Sucession Planning

This month we are looking at succession planning and building a talent pipeline.

These days, good enough is not good enough. If your organisation has that attitude then it is probably doomed to disappear

May 08 2017

People Matter

Recruiting Roadblocks

Nov 08 2016

In-House Recruitment

This month’s column came out of a presentation I gave to my partners at our annual global meeting held earlier this year in Vientiane. I had been asked to discuss in-house recruitment (IHR), and how we could combat it.

Jun 02 2016

Mission Impossible

A few search assignments across our region recently have gone slightly awry and I've been asking myself, why?