Our main goal is to make sure that your organization is successfully managed

Management Consultants

We offer HR related Management Consultant services and help our clients to identify skills needed today and in the future and help developing recruitment strategies.

We help organizations develop optimal structures and processes for capitalizing on emerging opportunities and challenges.  We evaluate the composition of boards and management teams, and recommend individual and group development plans for achieving long-term business objectives.  Horton International also assists organizations with managing talent, both on a corporate and individual basis.  We provide strategic human resources and organizational consulting services and can help you select appropriate psychometric tools for assessing candidates and evaluating teams.

Our Services

- HR Strategy
- HR Processes/Organization
- Coaching
- Individual
- Team

We can help you with HR related services. Please contact:

Per Jerndahl
Mobile: +46 73 022 10 33
Email: jerndahl@hortoninternational.com