South Africa

South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa and one of the most industrialized and diversified economies on the African continent. 

Horton International partners have executed search and specialist recruitment assignments across the entire spectrum of commerce and industry, including manufacturing, mining, FMCG, retail, electronics, financial services, publishing and the NGO sector. Most clients have tended to be multinational companies.

Restrictive labour regulations and shortage of skilled workers can sometimes be a challenge when doing business in South Africa. Labour relations legislation in South Africa imposes employment prescripts along racial lines in South Africa. Companies in South Africa are required to reflect the country’s demography in their employee base. In 90 percent of assignments executed by Horton International partners in South Africa the employment equity requirement has been mandatory.


We have a keen understanding of the socio- economic and geopolitical dynamic in sub-Saharan Africa and as such we are ideally placed to introduce our international partners and clients to competent executive talent in South Africa


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