Executive Search

Our core business is to identify and assess the best qualified candidate for each specific position.

The executive research operation of Horton International can be divided into six phases. The following is a brief outline of the executive search process:

Understanding the Challenge

Each assignment starts with a briefing from the client. We meet with the management team, directors and potential colleagues. Based on this information we develop a clearly written specification describing the company, the role and the person. 

Networking & Screening of Prospective Candidates

Searching begins when De Man & Partners and our client agree upon the assignment. In close consultation with our client we identify companies where we might find candidates matching the requirements. This will result in a list (longlist) of potential candidates. 

Narrowing the Field

Based on our research, we approach potential candidates from the longlist on an informed basis. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we meet in person for further evaluation. 

Selecting Finalists and Checking References

After completing the candidate interviews and preliminary reference checks, we report the results in detail to our client and recommend the top 3-candidates (shortlist) to invite for interviews.

The Final Choice

We arrange meetings between the client and candidates and we help to navigate through the final steps of the search process; finishing the assignment. 

After care

After completing an assignment, we offer the successful candidate our coaching programme “Transition Support” with consists of 4-6  coaching sessions in the first twelve months to support him/her with the transition into the new role.