Executive Search

Our core business is helping our clients to stay ahead in competition by the identification, selection & coaching of top candidates who can enhance the performance of the client’s company.

Our methodology integrates a company’s business objectives, sourcing, screening, interviewing, recruiting, and transition support and is focussing on:

  • Describing key performance objectives to define success.
  • Integrating Client’s business objectives into the search process.
  • Creating an employee value proposition to influence targeted top performers.
  • Defining competencies that fit with company culture.
  • Executing multichannel sourcing strategy, active and direct targeting top candidates.
  • Conducting performance-based interviewing & performance-based reference checks.  
  • Transparency by sharing our search progress 24/7 online with our clients.
  • Delivering on the promise and offering Transition support; 4 coaching sessions in the first 12 months.
“We are driven by a single purpose -- helping our clients achieve their business objectives”