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When millennials enter their 30s, they start to focus on their career development. As they dominate the workforce, their retention is in everyone's best interest. How to make them loyal to your corporation?

The CEE region is still a comfortable profit maker for the investors , and Hungary has the best comparative numbers among the countries of the region. What is the business outlook of Hungary, and what executives think about the region?

Even in this new, constantly changing world order, a good leader can find a way to help employees find inspiration in their work and better engage to the corporation.

The world changes quickly, and any company unable to go with the flow, can easily end up left behind. That is why managers are required to cultivate specific new competencies that are crucial to thrive in this modern age.

Would you like to know more about employee feedbacks? Read and learn more about this topic from the Part 2 of "How to give effective employee feedback?"

Feb 07 2019

The future of work

The world of work is changing. Automation and artificial intelligence are coming. With the emergence of AI and robotics, many fears have emerged of humans’ displacement from workforce.

Employee feedback is key to both personal and professional development. But how can we give feedback correctly so that it leads to improvement? Here come some great solutions.

No question that the work of today’s leaders is complicated and demanding. Although you may feel alone with your challenges, most probably the problem you have is the same as other managers face.

Women just can't have it all. Each day you have to decide on being either a CEO, a wife or a mother. The good news is, it is not a lost cause at all. Here you can find some great methods to decrease the stress in your life caused by time pressure.

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