Our Services

Executive Search

Our core competence is industry board members, top management and specialists. We represent the old school executive search approach and operate discretely and with full confidentiality. This allows us to present candidates, who would never respond to an advertisement. If requested, we do Executive Selection, which is a more open process

Our core business is to help our clients identify, attract, assess and recruit the right people for key positions in various activities as well as to the boards.

We can assist with Selection or Search.



Based on advertisements or social media

Search in the market and via network

100% open

May be fully confidential or 100% open

The candidate applies

The candidate is contacted and attracted to new challenges

Selection among applications

Pinpointing the best in the market

Assessment by consultant

Assessment by researcher and consultant

Good knowledge of the candidate

In-depth knowledge of the candidate

All applied test systems are best industry standard and up-to-date. All consultants are educated and certified to run the tests.

Our executive search process consists of:

  • Analysis of the company, its strategy and organizational culture
  • Clear identification of the ideal profile
  • Identification and attraction of potential candidates, testing, assessment and in-depth interviews with candidates
  • Presentation and employment – on-boarding program may be offered
  • Follow up after 3, 6 and 12 months

If you run an executive Selection process, the job is advertised publicly and the client is involved in the selection based on applications.

During the process, we put an effort in treating people respectfully. We are proud that candidates keep contact over several years for career consultations – both the candidates, who got the job and those, who did not. 

Management Audit

We evaluate the composition of boards and management teams, and recommend individual and group development plans for achieving long-term business objectives. We apply appropriate psychometric tools and interviews to this process.

In an ever-changing environment the demands to a team of leaders is never constant. Can your team of leaders bring your company to the next level?

In case of take-overs, turn-arounds, internationalization it is evident to set the right team. Also, getting an x-ray of the management team regularly and adjust to meet the challenges may be healthy for any organization.

A Management Audit is based on the circumstances facing the organization, the strategy and the demands put on the team of leaders.

A clear definition of the profiles required is developed. Job descriptions of the future profiles are developed. A test of the existing team individuals supplemented by in-depth interviews is conducted and existing CVs and job descriptions are held against future requirements.

A full report on the individual positions and leaders is presented to the top management. The report will highlight shortages and areas for potential development of the team of leaders.

Each member of your team of leaders will get a personal feedback on basis of the test, interviews and conclusions of the audit.