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Since Horton International established the International HQ in 1978, we have been driven to ensure the best results for our clients while nurturing our partners' creative entrepreneurship. 

Our supportive global framework enables you to offer your clients a truly international reach, whilst benefiting from central business support and the cooperation of like-minded search consultants worldwide.

Horton International is a stable, sustainable platform with collegiate and international relationships and holds both professionalism and client satisfaction as the most critical measures of success. 



Why Partner with Horton International?

  • As a Horton partner, you can deliver the highest level of client service through unlimited access to candidates with few “off limits” constraints
  • You can sell global reach in your ability to source candidates 
  • You can provide valuable information to your clients from other internal Horton International sources on such key topics as national economies/executive compensation/talent market dynamics/thought leadership 

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30+ Countries
30+ Countries

The Horton International team of consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience.  With more than 40 offices globally, we provide the geographic knowledge, as well as industry and discipline expertise, to find and place the right candidates.



45 Offices
45 Offices

With more than 40 offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Horton International has the global resources and local-market expertise to help clients attract and retain the most qualified professionals



250 Consultants
250 Consultants

With consultants who have experiences from various industries and functions, we establish a dynamic environment in a truly international community.


Dr. Monika Becker
Being part of Horton International has enriched my work as an executive search consultant in many regards. First of all we can serve our clients not only in the DACH region, but also with the same expertise and quality in nearly any global business region. This asset cannot be overestimated as international clients prefer a small number of strong global partners to a multitude of regional vendors. Beyond that, the meetings with my Horton colleagues have always inspired me and shaped my sense for top class executive search. Finally, the always welcoming Horton culture is just a gift for my work life.
Business Unit Director & Sector Head IT & Digitalisation - Horton International Germany