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Pierre  Pages

Pierre has a background in law and business. He received his in-house lawyer training at the University of Bordeaux. In addition, he holds a degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux. To further his education, he completed an "Executive MBA" program at HEC in 1994.

For 18 years, Pierre worked in legal and HR positions in various industries, including construction, steel, and press distribution, both nationally and internationally. Seeking to broaden his career, he became the General Secretary of PMU, a world leader in the gaming sector (horse betting), in 2000. During his tenure, Pierre accompanied the company's development in France and abroad, in a context of increased competition, digital development, and emerging regulations.

In 2019, Pierre founded a consulting firm that specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and investors in the gaming and betting industry. In 2023, he joined Horton International.

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