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Mercer Jordaan

Associate Partner

Mercer Jordaan participates in the executive search practice with a special focus on several sectors in industry, including FMCG, heavy engineering and plant moving, food processing, paper and packaging as well as beverages and bottling.

Mercer is a recently retired top executive in his early 60s. His academic background is financial management and he holds 3 commercial degrees with an accounting, financial management and business economics foci, all attained at the University of Stellenbosch, a top university in the Western Cape in South Africa.

He has significant top management experience, also in general management capacities in manufacturing, supply chain & financial management. He has had vast exposure to commerce and industry in the FMCG environment, in food processing, in heavy engineering and plant moving, in manufacturing, in paper and packaging and in beverages and bottling.

Mercer’s top management experience and his well-developed leadership and management experience over many years in commerce and industry, equips him to make a significant contribution in executive search practice of The Human Capital Group, especially as it pertains to executives in manufacturing.

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