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Margrethe van Heeswijk

Managing Partner

As partner in business I advise boardrooms in general complex cases. For many years I worked in InternationaI Executive Search. I approach people from my enthusiasm. I am exceptionally strong in building relationships. This means I easily engage with a diverse audience and bridge cultures, backgrounds and areas of expertise. I am a high-level sparring partner and a pioneer who brings enthusiasm, direction and structure. At the same time I am good at seeing through and influencing long-term and complex managerial and political processes. I thrive in complex, multi-stakeholder environments and can make things fly when working together with talented and motivated people.

In terms of personality I can be described as visionary, analytical, ambitious, effective, strong and perseverant and at the same time cordial, open, innovative, flexible, committed and adventurous. My caracter can be definied as responsilbe, integer and respectful. I always strive to make a difference.

Margrethe  van Heeswijk

Professional Activities

• International Executive Search

• Boardroom counseling Education

• Big History University of Amsterdam and Technical University of Eindhoven

• Communication Strategy at BITS Amsterdam

• NLP International Course ‘Master Practioner Neuro Linguistic Programming at A. Linden Institute New York

• Certification MBTI at Mans Advisory Utrecht

• Science of Communication University of Amsterdam

Industry Expertise

• Fast Moving Consumer Goods

• Luxury Markets

• Industry

• Financial Markets Functional Expertise Board, Staff and Finance

Languages spoken:

Dutch and English

Office Location

Delflandlaan 1
Amsterdam 1062 EA

Tel. 31 (0) 622 723 431

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