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Dr Norman Chorn

Associate Partner

Dr Norman Chorn is an associate partner in Horton South Africa. Norman is based in Sydney, Australia and consults widely in the strategy and scenario development arena.

Norman has many years of experience working in senior management in organisations in Australia, UK and South Africa.

Norman writes prolifically and during the last 2 decades, he has published widely in the area of organisation effectiveness and strategic management.

Norman is also the author the book, Strategic Alignment and is in the throes of completing a 2nd book that addresses the development of long-term resilience in organisations. His particular field of interest is the alignment of organisations with their environment – and how these organisations can remain relevant and effective as their environment undergoes turbulent change. Norman’s contribution to Horton South Africa relates especially to the above-mentioned area.

Norman was schooled and educated in South Africa in the main. He holds a PhD, MBA and post-graduate degrees in management and economics. Norman has engaged in part-time lecturing at the Graduate School of Business at  Wollongong, at Charles Sturt, the Witwatersrand University in South Africa and more recently is a regular guest lecturer at the Gordon Institute of Business in Johannesburg, South Africa. Norman also consults to several major private and public-sector organisations in Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. Norman and Brian Wasmuth, the managing partner of Horton South Africa have worked together extensively in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya.

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